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Baby Cold

First cold survival guide

Must-haves to help Baby (and you!) feel better.

Easing congestion


Smart humidifier

Automatically maintain your desired humidity level so Baby can breathe easy.


Saline drops

Give ’em some non-medicated relief that soothes & moisturizes.



The simple, effective & easy-to-clean way to keep Baby’s nose clear.

nose wipes

Nose wipes

Use instead of dry tissues to clear & moisturize their little nose.

Help for fevers



This infrared ear thermometer takes Baby’s temp in seconds.



Ask your doctor about the dosage for babies under 2 years.

cough syrup

Cough syrup

Can be used for babies as young as 2 months, but check with your doctor first.

tiny cold tablets

Tiny cold tablets

After getting the okay from your doctor, these tablets can be used at 6 months.

Soothe & comfort

comfort toys

Plush elephant

They’ll be set to snuggle as they cuddle this super-soft friend.

security blanket

Security blankets

Soft, gentle & breathable blankets that are the perfect size to hold on to.

vapor baths

Vapor bath

Start a warm bath & use this gentle cleanser; it releases soothing vapors.

vapor rub


Rub this even gentler version of VapoRub on Baby’s chest & back.

For when you’re sick, too


Soothing tissues

Get the power of Vick’s vapors while moisturizing your nose.


Cozy slippers

Because keeping your feet cozy always makes you feel a little better.

essential oil diffuser


Diffuse your favorite essential oils to help relax & soothe your senses.

epsom salts

Epsom salt

Take a warm bath with epsom salts to revitalize your aching muscles.

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