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Baby monitors are a boon for parents. They help parents keep a check on their babies without being present in the room. With these monitors, you will know when your baby is crying, fussing, need a diaper changer or hungry. You will find a wide range of options at Target for you to choose from. However, there are different varieties of baby monitors of different shapes, styles and features. Here’s a guide with helpful tips to pick the right one. First up are audio monitors, they will help you know when your baby cries while minimizing background noise including the AC sound. If you want to keep the sound on mute, the monitors have a light-up system that will notify when the cries get louder. They come in both analog and digital and differ only in sound quality. To make your job easier, there are monitors with video and audio features. You can install them in the room at the right angles so that you can see your baby from anywhere in the house. Video baby monitors also have a night vision camera, amazing isn’t it? If you already have one, you can upgrade it to wireless monitors that work on a frequency of 2.4 GHz which is shared with a lot of home devices. There are other features too such as sensors, battery life, Wi-Fi, compatibility with smartphones and many others. Browse through our collection and find the right pick for you and your baby.