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Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Christmas Tree Buying Guide
tree buying guide

Tree buying guide

Find your tree with our buying guide, designed to help you bring home the magic.

Lights, on or off?

pre-lit trees

Pre-lit Trees

Pre-lit trees come with even light placement and have minimal wires, which means less fussing around and more time enjoying your tree.

unlit trees

Unlit Trees

Get decorating versatility with an unlit tree. You’ll be able to use your own lights and refresh each year as your preferences change.

Tree widths

Tip: keep 3" between the walls & the widest part of your tree.

slim & pencil tree width

Slim & Pencil Trees

Slim and Pencil trees are perfect for small spaces, since they are narrower than a full tree.

traditional tree width

Traditional Trees

Traditional Christmas trees fit in most homes, and are the easiest to find.

full tree width

Full Christmas Trees

Full Christmas trees are great for larger spaces (and have more room for presents!)

Branch & pole types

Looking for an easy setup, or customization? We’ve got both.

hinged branches

Hinged Branches

For the quickest setup and takedown, use hinged branches. Just flip them up and flop them down all at once for a super easy assembly.

pull-down branches

Pull-down Branches

Customize your branch placements with pull-down branches. They connect to the center pole with nylon yarn that you can mold, allowing you to fill in spots as needed.

autoconnect branches

AutoConnect™ Poles

With AutoConnect technology, there’s no need to search for plugs between sections, so you can set up quickly and easily.

Setup and takedown tips

ornament & tree decoration kits

How many ornaments do I need?

20 ornaments per foot of tree.

christmas lights

How many tree lights do I need?

100 lights per foot of tree.

christmas storage

Stash It Away

Safely store your holiday collection by letting your lights dry before putting them away, and using dedicated spools and bins to store your decor. Avoid overcrowding, and take extra care with breakables.

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