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Classic Neighborhood Games

Classic Neighborhood Games

Return of the retro

These timeless games never lost their charm. Let’s get a quick refresher & everything you need to play.

Capture the Flag

Divide into teams and get ready for some intense competition. It’s simple, but so much fun—just retrieve your opponents’ flag on their territory and bring it back to your own. Easy, right? Not so fast. Sometimes the flag is hidden, and optional rules can mean you get tagged and end up in jail.

Four Square

Easy to set up and get started, this game as is versatile as it gets. The point: eliminate players and advance into the top spot (or square), where you can make special rules for the round and serve the ball. As players get eliminated, new ones join the game in the lowest square.


A gym-class fan favorite, this game is action-packed fun for kids of all ages—and even adults, too! The rules are similar to baseball: two teams play against each other to try to score runs by circling the bases, but instead of hitting a baseball, players kick a playground ball.

Flashlight Tag

Mix traditional tag with hide-and-seek, and you have this insanely fun night game. Whoever is “it” has a flashlight and searches for other players, who get time to hide at the beginning and can move hiding spots. Once someone is caught, they become “it” or are out of the game until the rest of the players are found.


An oldie but a goodie. Players take turns throwing a stone (or any small object) into each number and hop the course all the way back, picking up the stone (on one foot!) where it lies. Repeat until you’ve done it for all 10 numbers without falling or jumping outside the lines. Whoever reaches 10 first wins!

Tic-Tac-Toe Toss

A simple twist on the classic pen-and-paper game, the outdoor version helps build hand-eye coordination. Play in teams or one-on-one; alternate tossing your object onto a grid drawn with chalk, trying to get three in a row. Discs or bean bags are objects that are easy to use and find. If you need an easier version for younger kids, try making the grid larger.

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