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Task Lighting : Microwave Ovens

Task Lighting : Microwave Ovens (1)

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  • Sunbeam 0.9 cu ft 900 Watt Microwave


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Task Lighting : Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens have become a kitchen must-have. Whether you’re trying a new recipe, reheating your meal for dinner or making popcorn for movie night, a microwave makes your life a whole lot simpler. At Target, find microwave ovens based on the size of your counter, the wattage you need and the brand you love. Countertop Microwaves are easy to use and one of the most essential kitchen appliances. They give you the versatility needed to prepare everything from frozen pizza to dinner plate quickly and easily. If you’re split between an oven and a microwave, pick the microwave with a built-in convection function. These microwaves can be used for power grilling, baking and other functions just like an oven. You can mount this onto your kitchen cabinet or place it on the countertop. To avoid the hassle of messy cleanups pick stainless steel microwave ovens that are super easy to clean and maintain. Whether you choose an over-the-range microwave or a regular one, a microwave oven gives you fast, even, thorough and quick-cooking options.