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Nursery Planner

Nursery Planner (850)

How it works

1. Create your space

Let’s build a virtual room where you can customize every detail from floor plan to wall color, all from the comfort of your screen.

2. Make it yours

Here comes the fun part. Add nursery items like rockers, dressers, and cribs to see your dream nursery come to life!

3. Shop the room

Love your selections? Add them to your cart, your registry or share it with friends and family as you keep planning.

Our ultimate nursery checklist

Expert Safety Tips

Safety rules so you can sleep easy.

Nursery Safe Sleep Tips

1. Baby’s crib should only include a mattress, fitted sheet and dust ruffle.

2. Baby loves to get grabby. Keep blankets, comforters, cords and lamps away from the crib and out of Baby’s reach.

3. Keep Baby’s crib away from windows and any other items that might cause baby harm (like pictures and wall accessories).

4. Hanging fixtures, lighting or shelves? Not above Baby’s crib! Help keep Baby safe from any potential falling hazards.

Safe Changing Table Tips

1. Don’t leave Baby alone! An adult should always be nearby when Baby is on the changing table.

2. The area above and around Baby’s changing table should be clear of any potential safety concerns—including windows.