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Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Disney Princess

Celebrate your girl’s unique awesomeness.

Party food & festivity

Make pretty popcorn and a throne for her highness.

Disney Princess Popcorn

Make microwave popcorn. Microwave vanilla frosting for about 10 seconds, add drops of pink gel food color and stir. (Or use Funfetti frosting.) Drizzle melted frosting over popcorn and toss. Add more frosting as desired and toss again. Sprinkle sugar sprinkles over the popcorn and cool for an hour or overnight. Tip: A cup of frosting is about right for 3 packages of microwave popcorn. Can be made a day in advance and stored at room temperature.

Disney Princess Throne

Tie ribbons and streamers to the back of a chair. Pink and gold are classic, but other colors are good, too. Tip: Pile presents on and around the birthday girl’s throne.

DIY decorations & favors

Ribbons & sparkle at the party table make every guest feel royal.

Disney Princess Party Hat

Using an unrolled party hat as a guide, cut out the crown base from pink construction paper. Tape ribbon to the top center of the paper, then roll into a cone shape and tape, letting the ribbon drape through the top. Use as table decor. Tip: To make a hat, punch the sides and attach elastic string.

Crown Basket Favors

Cut V shapes along the rim of pink paper party cups, and apply thin gold Washi tape around each base. For handles, cut pink construction paper strips, stick gold Washi tape to one side, and tape to the inside of the cups. Use hot glue to decorate cups with crafting gemstones & beads. Tip: Fill each basket with ribbon and place a princess doll inside.

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