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These gifts are all about the best laughs, in true white elephant party fashion.

Are you looking for white elephant gifts for your white elephant gift exchange? You've come to the right place! These gift ideas are hilarious, and are sure to get big laughs from everyone at the party. Gag gifts are pretty much the whole point of a white elephant party, but there's an art to finding a funny gift that's light-hearted without going too far. Target has curated this one-of-a-kind list of white elephant gift ideas where you can explore perfect gifts for everyone at the white elephant exchange, even if it's with your coworkers. The first step in picking the most hilarious gag gift is to know your audience. If your gift exchange is full of people that you may not be very close to, or if it's at your office holiday party, you'll want to keep your white elephant gift on the mellower side of funny. Something like a tea infuser shaped like a manatee or a silly PopSockets are crowd-pleasers and great gift ideas that can be funny without pushing any boundaries. If your white elephant gift exchange is with your old college buddies, then you can push the envelope a bit more. One trend that we've noticed for white elephant gifts this season is Poo-Pourri and poop-themed books and pillows. Seriously. Again, those are great ideas for the right crowd. Other ideas that make for good white elephant gifts for adults are beer bottle holders, a beer coloring book, a wine bottle stopper, hilarious wine glass charms and Prosecco Pong (just BYO bottle of bubbly). How does your group like to do the white elephant gift exchange? Do you bring something you've found at home or do you bring new gifts? Do you play a dice or card game to decide how to pick who gets to unwrap the next gift? Be sure to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or T-shirt with some festive socks to the party. If you really want to take it to the next level, decorate your beard or hair with little ornaments, scrunchies, glitter and maybe even some fairy lights.Those aren't white elephant gift ideas, but those ideas for dressing up will make your get-together even more fun, guaranteed. One final reminder: these white elephant gift ideas also make great stocking stuffer ideas for joke-lovers. So, however you and your friends and family like to party, you're sure to find a perfect white elephant gift when you explore our list of funny gift ideas.