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Black Friday Deals : Scooters

Black Friday Deals : Scooters (18)

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Black Friday Deals : Scooters

Get your kids the ultimate gift for their next birthday, a scooter to zip around the neighborhood. These eco-friendly ride options are perfect for a quick commute to school, the playground or for a fun ride with friends. Besides, they’ll love these smooth-gliding kicks that make it a breeze to scoot around small distances in a jiff. You can explore Target’s collection of kids’ scooters to find the perfect wheels for your little one. From kick scooters to electric scooters and hover boards, the choices are plenty. Things to look out for are design, performance and recommended kids age and weight limit before you make your pick. If you’re looking to give your kiddo their first ride-on toy, a three-wheeled kick should be your first choice. Key features of these lean-to-steer styles include anti-slip handlebars, rear fender brakes and sturdy front wheels, making it one of the safest choices for a smooth ride. Perfect for new riders, three-wheel scooters help with stability and control, and can be maneuvered with ease. Once your kids have mastered their balancing act, they can gradually move on to two-wheel kicks or electric scooters. While 2-wheel designs accommodate most skill levels & riding terrains, electric scooters offer greater speed capabilities and require charging in between trips. Adjustable handlebars with foam grips to T-bars that grow with your kid, most of these designs are easily adaptable to the needs of little adventurers. If your littles are not so little any more, and are daring to go on off-road trails, you can even consider stunt scooters and self-balancing hover boards for their roaring adventures.