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Toddler Beds

Toddler Beds (89)

Bring on the big kid bed

Whether you have a little escape artist or you need to use the crib for a new baby, we’ve got just the right toddler bed for your big kid.

89 results

Toddler Beds

Whether your little escape artist has outgrown her old crib, or you need to use it for the new baby, it’s time to bring on the big-kid bed. The right bed for your toddler can help set up a playful little room for your kiddo to sleep and have fun in. Target has a collection of the cutest toddler beds with a host of your kid’s favorite Disney characters to keep them company. From convertible cribs with mattresses to classic sleigh toddler beds, the choices are plenty. Most of these designs boast built-in side rails and sit low to the ground making them easily accessible and perfectly safe for your little ones. Some super-functional pieces even come with storage spaces or drawers so you don’t have to invest in a lot of other furniture. You could even consider tent-style beds for a theme nursery, or twin bunk beds if you want to tuck in your older kids together. Make bedtimes more exciting with a dreamy toddler bed that gets your child to rush to bed each night.