kids' electronics

Kids love things that take batteries, it’s a proven fact. They love things that beep, things that buzz, things that blink—it’s just their way. They all go crazy for electronic toys, and who can blame ’em? We here at Target certainly can’t. We go gadget-crazy, too, as you’ll see once you get a load of our huge assortment for kids of all ages. Take the mega-loved LeapFrog for instance: We carry their electronic toys for kiddies from baby up through 11 years, so there’s something for every growing mind. You’ll find LeapFrog software and learning systems, along with the very cool VTech. Speaking of very cool, have you heard of the new AppBlaster? It’s an interactive toy gun that works with your iPhone or Android smartphone, and lets kids 8 years and up play some of the coolest apps ever. Shoot, that’s fun stuff. Something else that everyone’s talking about: Colorful micro-robotic creatures called Hexbugs. In addition to the mechanical insects and other heebie jeebie-inducing critters, you’ll find loads of play sets for them to crawl on. And for the squeamish types, the fabulous Fijit Friends Newbies might be a better fit. These little interactive cuties unlock content on their very own website—but that’s not all they do. They also sing even perform duets with other Newbies. And to that, we say bravo.