loading animation
goal post

      Find all 4
     Touchdown Mix
    pieces below.

  Then launch them
 through the field
goal to score.


huddle up. it's snack time.

M&M's Touchdown Mix is perfect for game day
and only available at Target.

shop M&M's Touchdown Mix › M&M's candy piece with football graphic M&M's candy piece with football helmet graphic M&M's candy piece with goalpost graphic M&M's candy piece


Touchdown Mix only at Target
stream of M&M's pouring out of bag
bag of Touchdown Mix plain M&M's
bag of Touchdown Mix peanut M&M's
yellow M&M's character running with football and wearing football helmet red M&M's character standing with football and football helmet
pile of Touchdown Mix M&M's orange M&M's character hidden under the pile of Touchdown Mix M&M's
bag of Snickers Unwrapped Bites and half eaten Snickers bar resting on a gigantic Snickers bar

Snickers Unwrapped Bites

the perfect sweet
treat for halftime.

Packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk
chocolate, Snickers satisfies your gametime hunger.

shop Snickers ›

up to $4 off

save on Mars
Chocolate packages

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Official Sponsors of the NFL


hmm...we can't find any “mars” items.

sorry about that, but we'have got lots of other great stuff. happy shopping!

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