patio & garden

on your balcony or small patio
with furniture, accessories, lights, garden items & grills made just for small-space living.


Cooking, storage and relaxation are not just part of indoor living, the world is changing and it’s great to bring the fun outdoors. Target has an extensive range of outdoor furniture and patio accessories including heaters, fire pits and coolers to get your patio ready to roll, no matter what the season. If entertaining guests is something you do often, you’ll love our outdoor grills, BBQ tool sets and carts. After all, it’s good to call up friends every now and then for a grill party and board games—an easy way to melt away stress. Not just that, we also have super cozy patio furniture to set the stage for the big night. Cushions, pillows, umbrellas, canopies and a whole lot of patio accessories for setting up the perfect outdoor party. So why wait, just let the party animal in you go wild, all in the comfort of your backyard! Whether you want to mix and match for a personalized touch or give your patio a coordinated look—just take your pick from individual furniture pieces or opt for a patio furniture set. Either way, Target has it all. Is gardening more than just a hobby for you? Target also brings you all sorts of gardening tools, hoses and sprinklers for the DIY types like you to beautify your outdoor space.