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    • Sale Price $10.49

      Chef'n Manual Garlic Chopper Chef'n Vibe

      description Vibe Garlic Chopper - Keep hands and fingernails odor free with this fun garlic chopping tool. Open the top to fill with peeled garlic cloves, then roll to chop. The more you roll, the finer the chop. Remove the stainless steel blades to empty chopper.• Simply peel, fill, and roll• Removable...

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      there are no guest ratings for Chef'n Manual Garlic Chopper
    • Sale Price $9.99

      Chef'n Vibe Pepper Mill Ball Chef'n

      description Get cracking with this one-handed pepper mill. Simply squeeze the soft grip handles in your palm to grind the pepper in the durable metal grinding mechanism. The coarseness of the grind is adjustable by turning the dial on the base of the mill. Includes a stand which also serves as a funnel for ...

      Average rating for Chef'n Vibe Pepper Mill Ball: 4 stars
      (10) reviews for Chef'n Vibe Pepper Mill Ball
    • Sale Price $4.99

      Vibe FridgeFork Condiment Fork Chef'n

      description It’s the condiment fork you never knew you always needed. The FridgeFork™ easily attaches to any size jar to take the hassle out of fishing for your favorite pickles or olives (or whatever!).

      Average rating for Vibe FridgeFork Condiment Fork: 5 stars
      (1) reviews for Vibe FridgeFork Condiment Fork
    • Sale Price $9.99

      Vibe Switchit Spatula Chef'n

      description Mix it up in the kitchen with the Switchit spatula from Vibe. This flexible silicone spatula is ideal for folding, stirring and blending ingredients. It features a hanging storage option and is dishwasher safe.

      Average rating for Vibe Switchit Spatula: 3 stars
      (4) reviews for Vibe Switchit Spatula
    • Sale Price $14.99

      Vibe Handheld Mandoline - Avocado Chef'n

      description When it comes to the kitchen, think thin. Thin and delicious slices of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Or thin products that collapse for minimal storage. The handheld mandoline does both, making it a little slice of heaven.

      Average rating for Vibe Handheld Mandoline - Avocado: 4 stars
      (5) reviews for Vibe Handheld Mandoline - Avocado
    • Sale Price $9.99

      Vibe Switchit™ Dual Spoon Spatula - Sprout Chef'n

      description No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The new Switchit Spoon does look, mix, scoop and serve a lot like the original. Then what makes it new, you ask? The answer is symmetry. The new Switchit Spoon is more symmetrical than the original accommodating both right-handed and left-handed...

      there are no guest ratings for Vibe Switchit™ Dual Spoon Spatula - Sprout
    • Sale Price $15.99

      Vibe Garlic Press Chef'n

      description Love garlic? If so, this garlic press was made for you. It presses crushed garlic cloves, resulting in a more intense garlic flavor and aroma.

      Average rating for Vibe Garlic Press: 3.5 stars
      (3) reviews for Vibe Garlic Press

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