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The first lesson every college student learns is how to fit 300 square feet of belongings into 100 square feet of living space – and how to stretch a dollar to the max! So get ready for storage and organization 101 with Target. You'll need bedding for naps, a coffee maker, a desk and light for those all-nighters and every dorm's centerpiece...a mini fridge. The college bedding section at Target has everything you need to catch your zzz's in comfort – mattress pads, foam toppers, comforters, sheets, pillowcases and pillows. Or just buy a bed in a bag and get it over with! Get space-saving cookware and appliances like cake pop makers, blenders, handy ovens, toasters and even popcorn poppers for your kitchen and dining needs. Add a homely touch to your new space with bookcases, lamps or frames from the college furniture section. Kick back with an ottoman that doubles as secret storage. Mess? What mess? Visit the college bath and laundry section for easy shower and bathing accessories. Don't miss out on the selection of rugs and matching towels. What are you waiting for? Target has put together the essential campus collection to help you get an "A" in living on your own. Start clicking!