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building a smart home is a smart idea. from conserving energy to increasing safety to simply reminding, connected living is as easy as a few connections.

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  • lighting

    Smart lights can be programmed to turn on or off when you're away, can be controlled remotely and can sense when you're home so you'll never come home to a dark house.

  • thermostats

    Smart thermostats learn your schedule to automatically adjust the temperature to save energy and money while you're away. Plus, you can control it from your phone.

  • outlets

    Smart outlets turn any device that requires a plug, into a smart device. You can turn them on or off remotely or set them to a schedule on your phone.

  • baby monitors

    Smart baby monitors provide peace of mind by allowing you to keep an eye on the little one without being in the nursery. It will also send alerts for any movement and can monitor breathing.

  • sensors & alarms

    Smart sensors and alarms monitor door and window movements, water leaks and carbon monoxide levels, for peace of mind at home or away.

  • wi-fi cameras

    Wi-fi cameras provide peace of mind while away, with a live-streaming camera and motion alerts.

  • streaming devices

    Smart streaming systems allow you to send things from a smart device to your television.

  • TVs

    Smart TVs allow you to seamlessly stream content from the Internet or streaming service to your television.

  • speakers

    Smart speakers make it easy to turn on, play and control music from anywhere. Sync music from room to room or even outside.

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