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Paper Magic : PJ Masks

Originally created for picture books, PJ Masks are a group of heroes who fight villains and save the day. Having been aired on television, PJ Masks gained popularity among children by 2015. The series features brave superheroes with magic pajamas who set out to fight crime and teach children the value of being a better person. The band of heroes in PJ Masks consists of Catboy, Gekko and Owlette. The character of Connor transforms into Catboy, who wears a blue cat costume. Amaya is a brown-eyed girl who becomes Owlette with a red owl costume. Greg is green-eyed and transforms into Gekko, wearing a green lizard outfit. Furthermore, Gekko has a distinct tail and fins on top of his head. PJ Masks also has the character of PJ Robot, who oversees the PJ Masks headquarters. By showcasing little heroes who overcome evil during the day and night, PJ Masks helps kids overcome nighttime anxieties and become braver, just like their beloved heroes. Target has a wide range of PJ Masks merchandise that helps young ones imbibe moral through play.