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United By Blue

The Impact Collection

We partnered with United by Blue to create a sustainably produced, high-quality collection that gives back to the world we love.  New & only at Target

1 product = 1 pound

For every product purchased, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans & waterways.

Materials matter

The materials in this collection were selected to provide the best balance of comfort, function & sustainability.
  • Organic cotton

    Incredibly soft & durable for year-round comfort, organic cotton is less of a burden on resources & doesn’t pollute our world’s water with harmful chemicals.

  • Recycled polyester

    Highly durable & multifunctional, recycled polyester uses post-consumer waste to make long-lasting, moisture-resistant items.

  • Hemp

    Extremely durable and breathable, and becomes softer with each wear. It grows with very little water and in a wide range of climates and soils, making it a globally accessible low-resource crop.