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Adult Bikes Buying Guide

Adult Bikes Buying Guide

Find the perfect bike

There’s two important elements to find your perfect match: the kind of riding you’ll do & frame size. Let’s get started!

Back to basics—bike types

  • Designed for fitness biking, commutes & casual racing
  • Made with a lightweight frame & aerodynamic seating position
  • Narrow, high-pressure tires provide a smooth ride on paved surfaces
  • Designed for off-road biking, steep descents & rough terrains
  • Made with a sturdy frame, rugged brakes & front/rear suspension
  • Low gears & wide tires make it easier to pedal uphill
  • Designed for multi-terrain riding across roads, trails & moderate inclines
  • Made to be rugged like a mountain bike but lightweight like a road bike
  • Multiple gears & wide tires are effective in most riding environments
  • Designed for stylish leisure rides through easy riding environments
  • Made with vintage bike style combined with modern bike technology
  • Balloon tires & extra-padded seat provide a comfortable ride
  • Designed for the urban commuter with limited storage
  • Made with a collapsible design that doesn’t sacrifice frame durability
  • Select models include rear cargo rack or front/rear fenders
  • Designed for leisure riders looking for a nontraditional riding experience
  • Made with a comfort-ride frame design & are generally single‑speed
  • Category includes recumbent bikes, adult trikes & other 3-wheel options

Features to consider


Narrow, firm seats allow for greater control & more efficient pedaling. Wide, cushioned seats are often more comfortable for the casual rider.


The frame influences a bike’s weight, strength, ride quality & price. Aluminum alloy is most common, but high‑performance bikes may also be made from steel, titanium or carbon fiber.


High-rise handlebars let you sit upright, but can limit maneuverability. Low-rise handlebars increase control & speed, but the hunched position can create neck strain for some riders.


Brake types like calipers, cantilevers or V‑brakes are all great for most kinds of riding. High‑performance riders should choose a bike with either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.


A bike’s suspension impacts ride comfort across various terrains. While suspension mechanics vary by bike type, they generally fall into three categories: Rigid: no suspension Hardtail: front suspension only Full: front/rear dual suspension


In general, more gear speeds means greater flexibility on various inclines. A bike’s built‑in gear count & drivetrain mechanics are usually more than adequate for the casual rider.

Find the right fit by frame size

If you’re between sizes, it’s recommended that you size down (& move the bike seat up to compensate) for a more comfortable ride.


Height: 5’–5’4" Inseam: < 27"


Height: 5’4"–5’8" Inseam: 27"–29"


Height: 5’8"–5’11" Inseam: 29"–31"


Height: 5’10"–6’ Inseam: 31"–33"


Height: 6’–6’3" Inseam: 33"–35"


Height: 6’3"–6’6" Inseam: < 35"


Height: 5’–5’3" Inseam: < 27"


Height: 5’3"–5’7" Inseam: 27"–29"


Height: 5’7"–5’11" Inseam: 29"–31"


Height: 5’11"–6’2" Inseam: 31"–33"


Height: 6’2"–6’4" Inseam: 33"–35"


Height: 6’4"–6’6" Inseam: < 35"

All Adult Bikes
Now that you have all the info, check out our bike collection & choose your ride.

All Adult Bikes

Now that you have all the info, check out our bike collection & choose your ride.

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Learn about kids’ bikes from our buying guide & get the whole fam involved.

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