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Adult Bikes Buying Guide

Adult Bikes Buying Guide

Meet your new bike

Start with what kind of riding you’ll be doing to find your perfect match.

6 features to consider

1 Saddle

Narrow, firm seats allow for greater control & more efficient pedaling. Wide, cushioned seats are often more comfortable for the casual rider.

2 Frame material

The frame influences a bike’s weight, strength, ride quality & price. Aluminum alloy is the most common, but high‑performance bikes may also be made from steel, titanium or carbon fiber.

3 Handlebars

High-rise handlebars let you sit upright, but can limit maneuverability. Low-rise handlebars increase control & speed, but the hunched position can create neck strain for some riders.

4 Brakes

Brake types like calipers, cantilevers or V‑brakes are all great for most kinds of riding. High‑performance riders should choose a bike with either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes.

5 Suspension

A bike’s suspension impacts ride comfort across various terrains.

6 Gearing

In general, more gear speeds means greater flexibility on various inclines. A bike’s built‑in gear count & drivetrain mechanics are usually more than adequate for the casual rider.