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How to Do Eyebrows

How to Do Eyebrows

How To Do Your Eyebrows

This guide isn’t about reworking your brows, it’s about showing off what you’ve got. So before you proceed, consider a brow reset. Step away from the tweezers. Cancel those wax and threading appointments. Let your brows grow back for 6-8 weeks (or more). In the meantime, read on for your need-to-know brow maintenance steps.

Step 1: Structure brows by your face shape

Getting your brows to work with your overall facial structure will help you discover your natural fit. Keep in mind that these structures are guidelines—it’s better to enhance what you’ve got than to try reinventing it.


Thick brows with a high or low arch.

Round or square

Thick or thin brows with a high arch.


Thick brows with a low arch.


Thick, long brows (lengthwise) with a high or low arch.

Extra credit: Give your brows frequent mini-massages

Why? Because they’ll help your hairs grow, loosen up those follicles, and you deserve it. After showering, dab some oil, serum or moisturizer onto your fingers. Lightly massage your brows in the direction of the hairs.

Step 2: Map out the brow shape

Even though each brow is unique, the general shape of every brow is an arch that’s in line with your facial features. It’s easiest to find your shape with a pencil or any long, straight tool.

The beginning

Hold a pencil from your nostril upright. This is where your brows should begin.

The top of your arch

Angle your pencil from your nostril through the center of your eye. The top of your arch should align.

The end

Angle your pencil from your nostril to the outer edge of your eye. This is where the brow should end.

Step 3: Groom & maintain your brows

First, a reminder: not everyone needs (or wants) to pluck. It’s totally possible to style your brows using only product. If you’re sure you want to commit to tweezing, make sure to do it in natural light with a non-magnified mirror—that way you’ll be able to see the big picture. Even the thickest brows should be done sparingly—once every week is plenty.


Use a pencil to fill in your brow.


Remove hairs (10, at most) that fall outside your shape.


Apply witch hazel to calm your just-plucked skin.


With nail scissors, gently trim longer hairs.

Step 4: Fill in sparse areas

To fill out your brows, first prep them by brushing hair upwards with an eyebrow brush. Stay inside your shape for a natural look or venture outside it a bit to make a statement.

Brow kits

If you’re just starting out, invest in one of these. Find one with a variety of tools & shades.


Creates a consistent, bold brow. Make short strokes in the direction of your hairs.


Great for filling in sparse areas. Apply with a spoolie for a natural finish.


Creates bold, defined brows. Apply with an angled brush.

Step 5: Shape & add volume

To make sure your hairs stay in place all day, a shaping product is essential. Choose one with color or go with a clear finish.


Shapes & adds volume, so your brows stay put all day. Apply with a spoolie.

Pomade, cream & mousse

Holds shape & adds a level of definition and drama. Apply with an angled brush.

Step 7: Finish & refine

Last is definitely not least here—take the time to clean up & complete your brows. This might seem like a small step but it’s the key to keeping your brows in line all day.


Apply under your eye after you’re done styling.


Use above & below your brow to give them a lift. Gently apply with a small makeup brush.

Colorful pops

Subtle pops of color like gold or pink will take your look to the next level.

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