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Armoires & Wardrobes

Armoires are a great way to organize your clothes and other essentials. These tall, usually two-door wardrobes, come with drawers, shelves and hanging space. One can never have too much space and these portable closets are the answer to all your storage needs. At Target, we have a variety of curated categories, so you’re sure to find what’s best for your home or office. A standard clothing armoire is a versatile option, which will accommodate just about anything. The hanging rod lets you store the clothes that don’t fit in your closet, while the armoire with drawers is ideal for your folded clothes, socks and more. Adjustable shelves give you lots of space for your shoes, accessories and everyday essentials. Find standalone closets in a variety of designs to cater to different needs. If you’re looking for an armoire that suits the decor of your room, take your pick from the various finishes available in wood or metal. Choose a small or large wardrobe depending on the size of your room and the things you want to stow away. Storage armoires with fitted or adjustable shelves give you ample space to store your books, board games, movie collection or throw blankets. Whether you want to store out-of-season clothing or just need extra closet space, a garment rack is the perfect space-saving solution. Stash away your dresses, shirts, jackets and other outfits with this all-in-one closet. Find something new every day with our constantly updated collection of armoire closets. Browse through the collection at Target and pick what’s right for you.