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Plum Organics : Baby Food (74)

Starting solids: What’s on the menu?

It’s a confusing time & we’re here to help. Start our phases at 6 months or when your doctor gives the okay.

Exploratory Phase

Exploratory phase

Baby’s first step is learning to sit in a highchair, wear a bib & use a bowl. It’s time to get ’em used to new tastes, smells & textures. Most of their calories will still be coming from milk or formula.

Flavor Immersion Phase

Flavor-immersion phase

As Baby starts eating more food, around 7–9 months, you’ll move to a regular 3-meals-a-day schedule. Focus on variety & adopting healthy foods by repetition. You can also introduce a sippy cup.

Self Feeding Phase

Self-feeding phase

When baby’s 10–12 months old, start focusing on handheld foods & introduce utensils if Baby’s ready. They should be eating a wide variety of foods & getting more of their calories at meals.

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