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Fabric : Bulletin Boards

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Fabric : Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards might sound outdated but it’s still one of the must-haves at school and offices. This old school method of putting up information, news or just any piece of communication is still very effective. From cork bulletin boards to magnetic, at Target you’ll find a wide range of boards for you to choose from. Boards made of natural cork are the most common ones, you can hang them at school to pin artworks and announcements or in the conference room to communicate your ideas. Cork boards are durable, and you’ll hardly see pinholes even after many uses. If you’re looking for cork bulletin boards of high-quality that go with your decor then go for the colored ones with embossed foam in colors such as burgundy, blue and gray. They have sturdy frames with high-density fiberboard backing. Then there are magnetic boards, the best part of these boards is you can use both pushpins and magnets. These boards come with wood, plastic and aluminum frames. You can also go for frameless cork boards. Browse through our store and find the perfect board that’ll let you express yourself.