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Peppa Pig Toys

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Peppa Pig Toys

Looking for the perfect gift for your little ones? At Target, browse through a large collection of Peppa pig toys that is sure to keep your kiddos entertained for hours. Choose from action figures, plush toys, baby learning toys, board games, doll playsets, interactive storybooks, mini figurines, stuffed animals and more. Let your little ones get their hands dirty with the Peppa pig play-doh. Kids can make Peppa pig shapes out of the play-doh compound and dress Peppa pig up as a princess, mermaid, unicorn, fairy, and more. Play time just got more exciting with the Peppa Pig’s Transforming Campervan Feature Playset, this playset is ideal for when your kiddos have their friends over. You can be sure to keep them busy for hours. Browse through a large collection of Peppa pig toys and accessories and find the perfect pick for your kiddos.