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Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars

A galaxy of birthday adventures.

Star Wars cake

Create your out-of-this-world cake by stacking two 6-inch round layer cakes on top of two 8-inch round layer cakes, spreading frosting between all layers. Cut the top tier at an angle, and add rugged terrain by lining the cake with brown sugar, chocolate candies and caramel corn. To make the delicious droid, start by dipping the following in white chocolate: two sugar cookies, one mini donut and ice cream cone; let dry. Create the base with sugar cookies, stack the donut then the cone for its head (the cone will also get dipped in green-dyed white chocolate). Add additional details with black food coloring and green fondant (or icing). Tip: Use frosting between each item of the droid to hold everything in place.

Easy party food

Please pass the lightsabers.

Role play activities

Little ones take on the big screen.

DIY decor & party favors

Fun ideas that are out of this world.