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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas


Rawr! A giant reptile-themed romp.

Easy party food & decor

Prepare dino-licious eggs & a ferocious table setting.

Rice Krispies Dino Eggs

Make Rice Krispies treats according to the recipe, pour out on wax paper and cool. While pliable, divide in balls. With damp hands, mold the Rice Krispies mixture around small lemons, covering to about an inch depth. Let set, then cut each egg in half and take out the lemon. Fill one half with candy and press the two halves together. Tip: Use frosting to help stick the egg halves together.

Chomp-Mark Plates, Dino Tail Hats & Palm Decor

For plates: Cut jagged “bite marks” on one side of each light green plate. Layer a dark green plant underneath. For hats: Cut dinosaur tail shapes from construction paper and tape to party hats. For leaves: Fold sheets of green construction paper in half. Draw palm frond shapes on each half, cut and unfold, and arrange leaves on the table. Tip: Use double-stick tape between the plates. Accordion-fold leaves for a 3-D effect.

DIY fun & games

Stage a prehistoric twist on an Easter egg hunt & a game of skill.

Fossil Scavenger Hunt

Make eggs a day or more ahead of time. Mix 2 cups flour, 1 cup ground coffee (or coffee grounds), 1 cup salt and 1 cup water. Divide in 6 lumps. Press each lump around a small dinosaur toy, forming an egg shape. Bake in a 200º oven for 4 hours, or let dry 2–3 days. Hide eggs for the hunt. When found, kids can chip them open with a butter knife or spoon and use a brush to excavate the "fossil” inside. Tip: Have kids take their time, as if they were real paleontologists.

Dino Ring Toss

Draw a dinosaur face on foam core board and decorate with acrylic paint. For the horns, attach party hats using a glue gun. Form rings with Glow Sticks. Have kids aim the rings for the horns and see who hits the mark. Tip: Prop up the board at an angle with a brick so the rings can land right.

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