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Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas (42)


Bring the mystical, magical world of mermaids right into your home.

Mermaid scale cake

Create an under-the-sea cake masterpiece. Start with a round 8-inch cake tin, a round 6-inch cake tin and your favorite cake mix (bake according to package instructions). For the frosting—mix white buttercream with the color of your choice (think sea-foam green or teal), and frost each cake layer. Decorate using chocolate candy melts in different colors, starting at the bottom of the cake and working your way up, layering them on top of each other. Tip: Place the rounder side of the candy melts onto the frosting (flat side facing out).

Easy party food

that’s even more fun to enjoy.

DIY decor

Set the underwater scene.

Room for activities

Easy to set up & clean up.

Treasure dig

Let the kids dig for fun treasurers by filling a large container with kinetic sand and treasurers. Hand the kids pails and shovels and they’re ready to search! Suggested ideas for containers: under-the-bed storage bin, plastic pool, large bucket—you get it. Tip: Instead of shovels, kids can dig for treasure with strainers or colanders.

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