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Can you imagine a day without batteries? From your watch to the remote controls, a battery powers all your essentials. One can never have too many batteries. Whether there is a power outage or you need a little extra supply, a well-charged battery always comes in handy. With everyone trying to do more with their time, a good stock of batteries is a must-have. Lithium batteries are a great way to keep all your electronic equipment, toys and other portable devices charged and ready for use. Power your devices with batteries from your favorite brands. Find top brands like up & up, Energizer and Duracell. Once you’ve selected the brand, check out the different types of batteries available, like AA, AAA, C, D or 9V, and pick the right battery that suits your need. If you are looking for a battery that’s specific to a product, browse through the specialty batteries category. Specialty batteries include the watch battery, coin battery, button cells and hearing aid batteries in different sizes and types. Looking for a nature-friendly way to keep your devices charged? We’ve got you covered. Find an array of rechargeable options that keep you going while helping you do your bit for the environment. Rechargeable batteries not only help in reducing e-waste, but are also easy to pack when you’re on the go. Explore our curated collection of camera batteries, cell phone batteries, power tool batteries and more. At Target, find a variety of batteries and always stay on top of power supply needs in your home or office.