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Lamp Shades

Good lighting is the key to creating a warm and inviting space. Lamps and lampshades add style, drama, and just the right amount of light to set the perfect ambiance. Whether you’re looking for a new lamp or updating an old one, choose the best lampshade for your space. Pick the perfect shade for your table or floor lamp base by matching the scale and style. A round lamp shade usually works best for a round base, while a square or angular base looks better with a square lamp shade. The most versatile choice is a drum lampshade, which fits with a variety of lamp styles and shapes. A small base should be paired with a small shade, while a large base should go with a larger one. Based on the amount of light needed, you can pick the material of the shade. Every fabric has a different diffusion, find your favorite from linen, silk, cotton, burlap, and more fabric options. If you’re looking for a lampshade to match your room decor, white, black & other neutral colors are perfect for you. At Target, find a wide selection of lampshades that can easily be paired with a variety of lamp bases.