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Ticonderoga : Pencils

Ticonderoga : Pencils (16)

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Ticonderoga : Pencils

Every stationery enthusiast (and pretty much every student) knows there’s no such as too many pencils. Whether it’s the classic wood pencils with an eraser or a fancy mechanical pencil, Target’s range has just about every style for everyone. From solid black pencils to colored pencils, you’re sure to find all things pencil in this collection. If periodic sharpening isn’t your cup of tea, get a mechanical pencil that’s essentially a pen with leads. If you prefer wood pencils instead but need one that doesn’t slip, find yourself a funky gripper to make things easier. To take things up a notch, try some scented mechanical pencils with a glitter finish (because, why not?). Double-sided colored pencils, classic lead pencils, fancy twist erase or pre-sharpened ones--the range has it all. Pick from all kinds of brands, price ranges and styles to find something perfect for you and your kiddos.