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Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets (75)

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Weighted blankets are filled with microbeads that make the blankets heavy, which may have a calming effect on some people. Heaviness varies by blanket.

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Weighted Blankets

Gift yourself and your loved ones a great night’s sleep, every day with weighted blankets from Target. Also for your little one’s to snuggle up with our Kids Weighted Blanket. Filled with glass beads or microbeads, these blankets exert the perfect amount of weight to keep you super cozy. The pressure can be super calming and almost feels like a big hug. Weighted blankets can sometimes help with poor sleep quality caused by insomnia, ADHD and the likes. They’re also a type of at-home deep pressure therapy. With Target’s wide range, you’re sure to find a weighted buddy that’s perfect for you. You can even choose how heavy you want it by picking from different weight options. There’s a wide range of designs & materials to choose from, so there’s definitely something for every home. With blankets that are oh-so-comfy (and washable!), you need to look no further. Check out the range and take home a calming hug.