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Help your kids expand their world of imagination with doll houses to fit their growing family. As they add new members to their collection, from little dolls to mamma dolls and more, get them a doll house with life-like toys and furniture for hours of exciting playtime. Check out different kinds of doll houses, from themed castles and chalets to wooden cottages, for your little ones at Target. Designed with great detailing, these houses are fitted with beds, tables, chairs, cooking utensils, pools, elevators and even ski lifts for unlimited fun. Special attractions includes tables that turn into bunk beds, toilets that make a flushing sound, working lamps, light-up ovens, swirling staircases, water slides and more. Depending on your child’s area of interest, you can get them a farmhouse, an outhouse or even a green house to play with. You can also get additional furniture or accessories to accommodate their favorite new doll or hobby. These sets make for great birthday gifts or treats for the holidays. Most of these houses are so adorable that you might wanna join in on the fun. Besides, playing with doll houses can even inspire kids to take over little chores around the house.