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Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts (20)

Easy. Easter. Eggs.

Sweet candy creations

Jellybean necklace

Customize your own candy necklaces with Easter treats. They’ll look too good to eat.


• Assorted jelly beans • Scissors • Needles • Thread • Ribbon

Step 1

Sort your jellybeans into fun color and pattern combos. String them with a sewing needle and thread, positioning them horizontally and vertically to create different looks. Pro tip: Parents, do this step for your little kids.

Step 2

Tie the ends with ribbon for a finished look. You can package these up in a special box to give as a handmade gift.

Giant surprise egg

They’ve never seen a surprise ball like this before.


• Giant plastic eggs • Crepe paper streamers • Tape • Plush toy for inside the egg • Small prizes, gifts & treats

Step 1

Fill the giant egg with something special and start wrapping. Stretch the crepe paper streamers as you wrap to keep everything smooth. Add little prizes and treats—stickers, rings, candy, etc.—as you go. Pro tip: Use a few pieces of tape as you wrap your base layer to keep the streamers in place.

Step 2

Switch colors as you build layers. Tape off and add contrasting stripes of color.

Shaving cream egg dye

Fun for kids and grownups. Just be sure to wear gloves.


• Eggs • Shaving cream • Food coloring/egg dye • Baking dish • Latex gloves • Paper towels • Skewers


1. Hard boil your eggs and rinse them in vinegar to make sure the color sticks.

2. Fill a large dish with shaving cream.

3. Add drops of food coloring and swirl with a skewer.

Pro tip: Don’t use all the colors at once or it’ll turn brown.

Color & finish

1. Roll an egg through the shaving cream.

2. Remove the egg and let it dry for 20 minutes.

3. Wipe off the shaving cream.

4. Be proud of your creation.

Pro tip: Depending on the size of your dish, you can roll lots of eggs in one batch.

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