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Bath Towels

Bath Towels (1060)

Find your towel type Explore our exclusive towels to learn more & pick your fave (or faves, there’s lots to love). Only at Target

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Room Essentials Towel

Basic & lightweight with soft, terry construction.

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Room Essentials Everyday Towel

Midweight & 100% cotton.

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1060 results

Bath Towels

"Add comfort and convenience to your bath space with bath towels. At Target, find a variety of towel types to suit your needs. Make your bathroom a luxurious retreat with different types of linen. Stock up on a bundle of hand towels or washcloths to keep on your bathroom counter or your kitchen. Pick a large bath towel set like a bath sheets or bath wrap to dry yourself after a nice hot shower. Cotton towels are plush and absorbent for a quick dry while being gentle on your skin. Terry towels are soft and lightweight, perfect for daily use. With a range of colors available, it’s easy to choose towels and linen that match your decor like black bath towels or red bath towels.There are other towels available like waffle-weave, ribbed towels and plush towels with fringe for a little movement. Super-plush bath towels give you a spa-like feel and are also highly absorbent. Choose from a collection of materials and OEKO-TEX certified fabrics like yarn-dyed cotton, zero-twist fabric and more. Create the bathroom of your dreams with easy functional and stylish updates, all available at Target.