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How to build a home bar

Find everything you’ll need, from the essentials to the finishing touches.

Start by finding the right glass for every drink

wine & champagne glasses

Time for wine

Wine glasses come in many shapes & sizes, designed to cater to different types of vino. White wine glasses keep your Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio cool, while the narrower shape helps focus the flavor further back on the palate. Red wine glasses have a larger bowl to better allow aromas & flavors to emerge. Got bubbles? Grab a champagne flute to keep sparkling wine effervescent. Or go stemless—the low center of gravity is ideal for casual, everyday sipping.

assorted beer glasses

Beer me

There’s a different glass for just about every kind of beer, crafted to bring out each brew’s unique qualities. With its simple, cylindrical shape that’s wider at the brim, the pint glass can be used with most types of beer, including lagers, ales & IPAs. The goblet has a long, thick stem with a bowl on top & is a great choice for heavy, malty beers, such as Belgian ales & German bocks. Pilsner glasses are tall, skinny & primarily used for lighter beers, like its namesake.

cocktail glasses

Cocktail, please

You can create just about any kind of cocktail at home with just a few types of glassware. Use a stemmed cocktail or martini glass for cocktails that are served "up" without ice. (The stem means you don’t heat up the cocktail with your hand as you drink it.) For mixed drinks with ice & dark, aged liquors, use a short tumbler such as an old-fashioned or rocks glass. For drinks like the Tom Collins & mojito, a tall, chimney-shaped glass such as a highball or Collins glass will do.

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