Potty Training

Potty Training (40)

Ditch the diapers

Ready for it? Here’s our fave gear to set you & your kiddo up for success.

get prepared

Get ready

It’s just as important that you are emotionally & physically ready to potty train. Get set with a potty chair or seat & stock up on training pants. Help your little one reach the sink with a step stool & faucet extender.

get excited

Get excited

Motivation is key. Get ’em excited by reading books about the potty & letting them pick out undies with their fave character or design. Make a routine out of using fun foaming soap & tracking victories on a chart.

get realistic

Get realistic

Setbacks will happen. You might need bedtime underwear for awhile. A waterproof mattress protector & seat liner for a car seat are musts. Extra sheets & easy-to-pull-off pants are great to have, too.

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