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Backpack Coolers : Coolers

A sturdy ice cooler is a must-have when you are going on a camping trip or to the beach that’ll help you keep your chill and carry on. Choosing the right one is always a task, there are a lot of factors you need to consider including insulation, ice retention and internal storage. At Target, find a wide range of coolers in different styles that you can choose from. Here’s a basic walkthrough to help you choose a cooler to meet your requirements. Let’s start with soft coolers, they come in a messenger-bag style that makes it easy to carry and store. These coolers are sure to keep your beverages cool for a few days. They are perfect for a beach trip, hiking or a barbecue party. If you are looking for traditional ones, then hard coolers are just what you need. Though they are less portable than a soft cooler, they keep your food and beverages cold for a long time. Then there are powered coolers which are more like a mini-fridge than a cooler. They run on electricity and can be easily plugged into the DC outlet of your car. There are also other coolers with rollers that makes carrying them around convenient. Whether you are looking for a tiny cooler to keep insulin or a large one for an overnight trip, we’ve got everything. Start browsing through our collection now. Go on, keep your beverages cool and your party cooler.