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Alarm & Digital Clocks

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Alarm & Digital Clocks

Waking up on time from a deep slumber can sometimes be a challenge. Be it for a meeting, class or work, an alarm clock is an essential item to have in your bedroom. At Target, find a variety of clocks with alarm signals that will wake you up in a jiffy. Whether you are a night owl or a heavy sleeper, a loud alarm is sure to make you jump out of bed. Explore a collection of alarm clocks with a variety of settings, sounds and lights. Choose from clock radios and digital clocks in a range of colors that not only wake you up but also blend in with your existing decor. These clocks have built-in features like a stopwatch, buzzer, USB port, radio, alert tabs as well as a snooze button. Look through a collection of digital clocks with a wake-up light and easy-to-read numbers so you’ll know if you have time to snooze….or not! Choose from a wide range of clocks in a variety of colors and designs. Whether it’s for your kids or your friends, you will find one that is just right for them. Place your alarm clock by your nightstand or bedside and you can be sure to wake up in style. Browse through a large variety of alarm clocks and digital clocks to find the right pick for you.